Why You Need a REALTOR®

Buying or selling a new home or business is not a simple transaction.  Many people, having bought or sold a home before, feel capable now of “doing it on their own.” For those that successfully do so, congratulations! Every year, however, laws get refined, policies shift, and the market changes.  REALTORS® are required to undergo 16 hours of additional classroom training each year (24 hours for brokers) in order to maintain their licenses.  This training can range from new ADA requirements to updated standards for (re)construction codes, including those affecting septic systems and buried fuel tanks.

In addition, both buyers and sellers who work without a REALTOR® are taking on a risk that may be far greater than the cost of a commission.  Sellers run a twofold risk: one, they will miss buyers who won't look at a “For Sale By Owner” property because they are uncomfortable with face-to-face negotiations with a seller; and two, there are many experienced buyers out there who are only too happy to take advantage of an inexperienced seller in a face-to-face negotiation. 

If you are a buyer, there is almost no downside to having a REALTOR® because compensation paid to a buyer's agent is almost always paid by the Seller.

The bottom line is our insights and training are just the beginning of what we bring to the table.  Honesty, integrity, and prompt responsiveness are our hallmarks.  Put them to work for you. You won't regret it.

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