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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Janel was absolutely wonderful . She inquired about what criteria were important in the house I was looking for and always kept an eye out for listings that could interest me.  She was professional and very helpful throughout the entire process,from house hunting to the purchase process and finding resources that I needed. I felt valued and supported from beginning to end .

I can't say enough about what a wonderful experience this has been!

 I found my perfect new home.

Thank you Janel!


Lorraine - Sometimes I can't believe we have been here for a whole year. We absolutely keep you in mind and I've bragged about you to friends as our "Vermont Fairy Godmother" who waved a wand and delivered a dream house. 

Theresa - You were outstanding. Without your help I don’t think this would have happened. Blessings upon you. 

Kathy - We couldn't have done this without you, you made house hunting fun you didn't push you listened to what we wanted, got to know us personally and used that to guide us to the place we were supposed to end up with.

Our weekends haven't been the same since we found the place kind of miss our get togethers exploring new places. Again Thank you so much for your help finding the right place, and know we will never forget you, your beautiful doggies or the fun we had along the way.


Lorraine is a wonderful person to work with throughout the real estate process from initial contact to final paperwork -- responsive, honest, and diplomatic.


I dealt with Sue Aldrich for a good portion of 2017 as she represented the sale of my home in Montpelier.  From the initial listing through the sale and closing, Sue far exceeded my expectations of the scope of her obligations by not only advertising and showing the property in an exemplary manner, but she also performed numerous functions that I believe were beyond the scope of the listing agreement.  For example, she arranged access for inspections and repairs for which I was not able to be present.  Additionally, Sue made it a point to be present herself or to have another representative from her office to be present for every showing of the property, due to the presence of an alarm system.

I feel comfortable in recommending her services to anyone seeking to buy or sell a property in her market area.

You are truly the best real estate agent we/I have worked with...incredibly knowledgeable, understanding, accommodating, etc.  Thank you!

Brian and I were so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Kathy Dawson in the search for our next home.  Kathy quickly tuned in to our energy level.  We were on the fence about whether we were ready to move or not and had been thinking about one property for quite a while.  Kathy found comparable properties for us to look at and was wonderfully non-aggressive about our response rate.  When a property that we had looked at had a significant price change Kathy contact us immediately and we were excited to make an offer at that time.  Kathy’s quick response made it possible to purchase our new home that was suddenly seeing a lot of interest due to the price change.  The realtor that we had worked with several times retired last year and we were hesitant to work with just one agent, thinking we would just call the listing agent on any property we were interested in.  Meeting Kathy Dawson saved us a lot of footsteps, kept the closing process as seamless as possible, and was an absolute delight to work with.  As well seasoned buyers and sellers of real estate, we can’t recommend Kathy highly. 


When I asked a local realtor to show me a house in the next county, I was referred to Kathy as someone who knew the area better.  She was terrific.  She was willing to travel to any town (either county) to see a house or land and arranged her schedule to match mine and her other clients, so we all got to see houses we were interested in.

It did not take long for her to understand what I needed and wanted in a new home; we could visit a place and come out with the same comments about whether it was a "definite possibility" or "not me."

When it came to inspection, the closing, and other mindboggling aspects of buying my house, she was a calm, knowledgeable, invaluable aid in helping me understand the terminology and legalities.  And thank goodness for her great sense of humor.

I got not only a new home but a new friend.


I wanted to share my experience with Kathy Dawson. I was a first time home buyer and really had no idea where to begin. Kathy helped me find the perfect home. She was patient, kind, answered all of my (silly) questions, and worked closely with me from start to finish. I was picky - Kathy understood my need and wants and searched high and low for the perfect home! She worked at all hours of day and was happy to meet me at any time, including weekends. She made the process seem so easy! Even after we found a house for me, Kathy has been great at keeping in touch and forming a friendship. 

I would certainly recommend Kathy and Coldwell Bankers to anyone looking to buy or sell a house. 


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