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5 Simple Steps To Maximize Your Closet Space

Well Organized Closet SpaceThe team at Coldwell Banker Classic Properties is looking forward to helping you with all of your real estate needs in Central Vermont. When looking to sell your home, decluttering is a very important step in the staging process. By organizing your closet, and making use of all the closet space, you will help free up valuable space in your living areas. Living areas free of clutter are essential in staging. You will also enjoy the benefit of having all your items easily accessible and organized. The process will make things easier when it’s time to sell your home, both in staging and in simplifying the items you will be moving to your new home. Here are some easy ways to maximize your closet space in five simple steps. 

Step Number One: Declutter! The easiest way to make more room in your closet is by getting rid of things you don’t use or need. Start by emptying everything out of the closet you are working on. Simply assemble the items to donate, sell and throw away in boxes and put the items aside that you are keeping to be put back in the closet (or another storage area in your home). 

Step Number Two: Assess your inventory. If you're a downhill racer with a half dozen sets of skis for various disciplines (and won’t send your beloved skis out to the garage where they probably belong) you might need a custom designed storage system to keep things in order. The same would hold true for any number of uniquely shaped larger items you would like to organize in your closet. When considering bedroom closets the inventory typically falls into the area of shoes and clothing. You can choose to hire a company that specializes in custom closet organization (and we have a handful in Vermont including Inspired Closets Vermont or Lake Champlain Closets & Storage Solutions) or take inspiration in their handiwork by perusing their websites showcasing professional solutions and work on the project yourself. 

Step Number Three: Think vertically and make a plan. Whether you are building shelves or using prefabricated shelving, you will want to be certain you are using the full vertical height of the closet to your advantage. Plan carefully. Home improvement centers have a variety of closet organization systems to choose from for the do-it-yourself closet impresario (many in wire or wood). A well designed bedroom closet will include compartments for shoes, rods to hang articles of clothing of different lengths, storage space below hanging clothes, and shelving to accommodate folded clothing (such as sweaters) or storage baskets (for housing smaller items). 

Step Number Four: Divide and conquer! Use the compartments and shelving you planned and installed to the greatest advantage by using containers and dividers. A shelf divider is a clever way to create additional cubbyholes on a shelf. 

Step Number Five: Put it back. Now that your closet space has a space for everything, put everything in its place. Once you’ve taken the unwanted but gently used good items to the donation center, thrown away broken and worn out items, and sold the remaining items your task is complete. Good job! 

Coldwell Banker Classic Properties is Central Vermont’s oldest Coldwell Banker franchise. We look forward to helping you with all of your real estate needs. Contact us today.

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