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Coronavirus Updates: Adaptation

A local real estate lawyer is offering free Power of Attorney (POA) status to clients so that they don't have to go to closings in person. Various towns are limiting property title searches to a "by appointment only" status; or making extra efforts to finish putting their property information online. Some banks are no longer sending out appraisers to evaluate homes. And let's not even talk about the crazy antics of the stock market.

Our work is already different than it was two weeks ago and when the virus and the ensuing panic subsides, there is a very strong likelihood that our work will remain different.  We have no idea what the dislocation caused by this pandemic will do to stock markets or real estate markets. People's tendencies will be to remain in "lockdown" mode until they feel it is truly safe to venture outside.

It's at times like this that it is important to take a step or two back, breathe (through a mask if you have one), and take a moment to appreciate that, for now anyway, you live in a state that has caring neighbors, a strong agricultural legacy, and a history of self-reliance. Spring is on its way so here are a few ideas to keep from going stir crazy if you find yourself out of a job, and living at home (especially with your parents!):

1) Plan and execute a vegetable garden.

2) Clean out your garage

3) Clean out your attic

4) Clean out your basement

5) Teach your parents how to use the smart phone you bought them two years ago that they never use, "because it's too complicated." They will LOVE seeing their friends and distant family's postings on FB and IG.

6)  Stay safe. Stay in touch.

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