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Prepping For The Deep Freeze

As sub-zero temperatures and deep snow settle in for the next few months, I should be putting out a blog about protecting your house against the harsh winter elements but instead I write about something that is also happening in February: The New England Patriots going to the Super Bowl!

I have never really been much of a football fan but the Patriots, with all their exciting wins and comebacks, have converted me. That last game against The Kansas City Chiefs had me on the edge of my seat until the Pats won in overtime!

So, rather than suggesting that you keep your cabinet doors underneath sinks open, leave your taps to drip, or place small space heaters in strategic places, let’s talk about the warmth that comes from being with family and friends and watching The New England Patriots win (fingers crossed) The Super Bowl on February 3, 2019!

Forget about the snow and ice and focus on some delicious Vermonty appetizers to cook and share at your Super Bowl gathering. Meat balls in a maple ginger glaze, Cabot cheese with crisp apples, Harrington Ham biscuits with a cranberry mayo, just for starters.

I don’t know about you but I feel toasty and warm just planning my Patriot Party and if they win it will be the cherry on top of the (Ben and Jerry’s) sundae...



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