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Say Cheese! No, Say Pie and Cheese!

I recently saw an alphabetized list of the most iconic desserts for every state in the USA. Vermont was, naturally, towards the end and by the time I got to it I had looked at photos of 40-odd scrumptious desserts from all over the country.
By now craving something sweet, (understatement of the year), I turned to Vermont's entry.

Up flashed a photo of a succulent looking slice of apple pie accompanied by a hefty chunk of white cheddar cheese. Yes, you guessed it. This is deemed the most iconic Vermont dessert.

For most Vermonters, including my family (all but one a Flatlander), apple pie means going out to the orchard and picking the apples, spending at least an hour among the trees picking Macouns, Macintoshes, Cortlands, Libertys, Jonamacs, Northern Spys and more, then heading home with way too many bulging bags.

A good many of these delicious apples are eaten right from the fruit bowl, but most are turned into applesauce and apple butter, sauteed with pork chops, or chopped into slaw. Only a few dozen of the tartest and firmest will be used to make pies.

When my kids were younger we made the pies together, and flour, butter, cinnamon, and apple peels somehow ended up all over the kitchen.  We'd make sure to have our Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar at room temperature and when the pie was still piping hot, but cool enough to eat, we'd put a big old slice of it right on top that chunk of caramelly, cinnamonny, crustalisciousness. Salty, sweet, fruity and just plain heaven! For those who say they prefer apple pie a la mode (Ben and Jerry's anyone??) or with whipped cream, I am pretty sure they just haven't had
apple with sharp cheddar.

Living the dream in Vermont!

Not sure where to find apples to pick in Central Vermont? Start here:

Burtt’s Apple Orchard, Cabot
Peck Farm Orchard, East Montpelier
Liberty Orchard, Brookfield


Sue Aldrich
Coldwell Banker Classic Properties

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