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Putting the Hunt in "House-Hunters"

Almost on a daily basis, something unexpected and wonderful happens at work. Yesterday, I met a young couple, new to Vermont, hailing from Mississippi and South Dakota, and with new jobs in Homeland Security. The questions asked by this lively young couple and their 6-year-old son started out fairly normally. What are taxes likely to be? What's the current 15-year mortgage rate? Are there after-school basketball programs? You know, things that I either know or can easily look up on my phone.

But then they stumped me. They wanted to know what the rules were for hunting on one’s own land, a neighbor’s land, and/or on state land.

Until that moment, my knowledge of the rules of hunting were limited to the sign on the outskirts of Montpelier that states that firing a rifle in the city limits is strictly forbidden. I was completely at a loss.

So after taking a big bite of humble pie, I admitted to my lack of knowledge on this subject and was all set to scurry back to my office and do some research when I remembered: a Realtor I know is married to a Vermont hunter who is apparently very well known in the hunting world. So, I told the young couple that I did not know the answers but that I would call my Realtor friend’s husband, Lanny Benoit, and ask him.

I was in the middle of some lame excuse for why I didn’t know more about hunting regs, when they interrupted me.

“Wait. You know Lanny Benoit?” they asked reverently.

Uh, yeah, I've met him a couple times.

All I can say is that the prospect of them meeting Lanny Benoit was like prospect of me getting to hang out with Fredrik Eklund from Million Dollar Listing, New York.

Bottom line, I am not only going to get the answers to their questions (and try really hard to remember the answers) but I am going to connect Lanny Benoit with this young couple. Just another example of the joys of being a Realtor—making dreams come true even when it has nothing to do with the home being purchased!

And by the way, Fredrik? If you're reading this, call me...

Sue Aldrich
Coldwell Banker Classic Properties 3336 Airport Road, Suite #3 - Berlin Barre, VT 05641


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