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Southern Perspective?!

 It is certainly a challenge to show properties with all the ice on the ground! Recently I took some folks from South Carolina out to see a slew of country homes everywhere from Cabot to Braintree to Greensboro and the driving was fine thanks to our amazing road crews here in Vermont but the driveways were downright treacherous. Full disclosure, I fall easily even in mid August on flat pavement so you can just imagine the picture of grace I become when there’s glare ice all over the place! “The taxes on this property, I’m ok, no nothing broken...” You get the idea. By the end of the day I was pretty sure the South Carolinians were going to scurry back to the South and never return. They surprised me—after we slid into the last home and slid back into the car they remarked that as “challenging” (their word, my word is unprintable) as the ice was it was still better than months of hideous hot humidity. Nice way to give me a whole new perspective on icy driveways! Note to Home Sellers—do your best to get rid of the ice in your driveway before a showing! 

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