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(C)heating Winter's Grip

 Sub-zero weather is upon us here in Central Vermont and even though the sun makes the snow a beautiful blinding white, the cold is biting and the wind is dangerous! Venturing out to show houses during this time of year offers a lesson in how much buyers (all of us, actually) depend on good heating systems, insulation, passive solar, radiant floor heating (especially in bathrooms!), generators and general indoor comfort. Makes sense because on super frigid days the world outside is experienced mainly by looking out of windows. And if those windows are old and drafty, well, back to more discussion about warmth and the costs to provide it. Whether buyers purchase in January or June, they will eventually look at how they can improve the over all energy efficiency of their home and I will get a call about recommending a good energy auditor and a good contractor who can make any "weatherization improvements." Luckily, we at Coldwell Banker Classic Properties always keep names and contact information of the good ones because not only can they be hard to find but we shudder at the idea of giving a mediocre or bad referral! So rest assured that the Resources section of our website contains the names of the tried and true from painters and electricians to contractors, energy auditors, surveyors and more. And of course, send new ones along to us if you've had a good experience with them 
 Happy New Year from all of us at Coldwell Banker Classic Properties!

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