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Comfort At A Lower Cost

I love learning new things which is one of the reasons I love being a Realtor--life long learning!
I went to a class recently that was led by Efficiency Vermont, a Green Building specialist, an appraiser qualified as a competent
Appraiser of Green Properties, and a financing representative from the Vermont State Employees Credit Union (VSECU).
Laurie Fielder from VSECU gave us a great presentation about their VGREEN loan program (there are several versions of them) which are specifically for making your home more energy efficient with solar panels, insulation, new windows, alternative heating systems or any "thermal" method that tightens up your house for both winter and summer. If you're like me, November is when I finally get around to thinking about this, and putting on my snow tires...
Best of all, these improvements can be paid for by folding the payments into (a refinance of) your mortgage. The new monthly utilities costs plus your mortgage end up being less than if you hadn't done the improvements! This is not only easier on your pocket book and better for your personal comfort, it substantially reduces your carbon foot print.
So, save money, feel better and be a do-gooder all in one fell swoop! Not only is this great information to share with all my Buyers and Sellers but it's something I am going to do for my own home. Aren't you glad I shared this?!


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