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The Knead for More Dough

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Life in central Vermont is oven viewed from afar as either a quaint farmhouse in a lovely rural setting, or a small village with a green, with every house surrounded by a white picket fence.  The only item missing from both these visions is the home-made apple pie cooling on the kitchen window sill.
I love to bake, and I love these images of village/country living in Vermont, so while I, as a Realtor, have the "house" part covered, I wanted to spend some time getting more up-to-speed on the "baking" part.  My research led to a recent visit to a local flour mill.
On one of the latest, beautiful, mid-October weekend days found me headed east (and a little south) to the nearby King Arthur Flour Mill in Norwich, VT.  WOW, that's all I can say. Wow.  I could have taken the highway and been there in under an hour, but I wanted to "get lost" among the secondary roads of central Vermont to experience the full effect of the season.
If you've not been to King Arthur Flour, what a treat. First they have an amazing bakery filled with windows that allow one to view the breads, etc., actually being made. Second they have an amazing (did I already say amazing?) restaurant that is not the place for dieting. 
Well of course I took a break to enjoy their delicious food!!
Finally they have amazing (there's that word again!) store with all their products available for sale.  Prices were less than I anticipated.  Exceptionally helpful staff.  Easy drive from Montpelier/Barre, especially while the leaves are still in their various shades of glory.
Regardless of where you live, or want to live, make sure your house has a generously-sized kitchen window sill...maybe I can help you with that!

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