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Autumn in Vermont

  As I walked my fur babies through the crackling of the fallen leaves last night, I smelled the sweet smell of wood smoke, undoubtedly coming from one of my neighbors’ wood stoves. Many folks get sad at this time of the year because it heralds summer’s end. I, however, find autumn to be one of the most invigorating seasons. The oncoming winter will bring cross country skiing and ice skating, a world enveloped in crisp white snow and long dark nights which present the perfect time for reading great books, playing piano, cooking hearty stews but, most importantly, connecting with family and friends around the wood stove. Of course I have a wood stove! It gives me warmth and happiness all winter long.   So, as a Realtor in Vermont, here is my advice: remember to have your wood stove and chimney (or pellet stove, fireplace, boiler or furnace) cleaned and serviced every year. Stay warm and safe every winter!    

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