Coronavirus Updates: Adaptation

A local real estate lawyer is offering free Power of Attorney (POA) status to clients so that they don't have to go to closings in person. Various towns are limiting property title searches to a "by appointment only" status; or making extra efforts to finish putting their property information online. Some banks are no longer sending out [...]

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Valentine's Day Hearts in Montpelier, Vermont

I have to say that I love my sweet little Vermont Capital City of Montpelier! Every year for the past 20 plus years, someone (or more likely some people) go out into the frigid dark in the wee hours of the morning of February 14th, and plaster every storefront, church, school, library, restaurant, hotel, sign post and more with bright red hearts. And every year, I forget all about Valentine's Day until I drive through downtown Montpelier and see the cheerful hearts that are taped everywhere. It always makes me smile and reminds me to call all my kids to wish them Happy Valentine's Day. It also makes me plan a great dinner with my awesome husband of thirty years. Best of all, this year the Phantom put a heart on one of my real estate signs on a house at the edge of town. That heart on my sign makes me happier than a SOLD sign! Well, maybe not quite that happy but close. Whoever the Valentine Phantom(s) of Montpelier is (are) I applaud the hard work it must be to leave a warm bed for the icy and snowy streets of Montpelier because it's just another proof for what a fantastic little city where we are lucky to live. No wonder real estate in Montpelier sells so quickly! 

Valentine's Day Hearts in Montpelier, VermontColdwell Banker Classic Properties Sign

Prepping For The Deep Freeze

As sub-zero temperatures and deep snow settle in for the next few months, I should be putting out a blog about protecting your house against the harsh winter elements but instead I write about something that is also happening in February: The New England Patriots going to the Super


Say Cheese! No, Say Pie and Cheese!

I recently saw an alphabetized list of the most iconic desserts for every state in the USA. Vermont was, naturally, towards the end and by the time I got to it I had looked at photos of 40-odd scrumptious desserts from all over the [...]

To See or Not To See, That is the Question

I have been reflecting lately on the changes happening in the real estate business. New tools and and protocols are coming at a fast and furious pace and are tricky to absorb and manage. Buyers have expressed to me that they sometimes feel like they are walking through a field with dodge balls being thrown at them from every [...]

Spring in Vermont

Spring in Vermont brings, after a May snow squall or two, lovely warm weather, flowers, lilac breezes, fiddleheads, wild ramps and the promise of a short, hot summer. The other thing that comes in the spring is the dreaded black [...]

HGTV becomes CVTV for a day!

Today is the day of my television debut!!! At 10 pm tonight (9 pm central time) I will be the Realtor on an episode of House and Garden TV’s hit program House Hunters. Even though it’s been six months since the actual filming I am still in semi shock that my buyers and I got chosen. There are not very many episodes filmed in Vermont and I [...]